I have always loved sports. It’s always been a passion of mine my entire life. I grew up in a huge sports family. So what a better way to raise funds for the Ministry. This is one of many ways we raise money for all the work B.I.G. Love Ministries  are able to do. We are a 501-C3 Non profit ministry.  So you not only get a great deal on your favorite sportswear but also a tax write off.

We ask for $65 donation for NBA, MLB, NFL, COLLEGE,  Jerseys. NHL we ask for a $90 donation. We are able to order any team and any player you request. We also offer “Mitchell Ness” Throwback Jerseys for $100 donations for all you fans of all the old school players.

We have ordered everything from Babe Ruth to Micky Mantle, Lawrence Taylor Super Bowl Jersey. Joe Namath, Warren Moon, Earl Campbell and many more.


B.I.G.Love Ministries pays for shipping. If your in the DFW area I will deliver myself to you.

B.I.G. Love Ministries goal is to open a Christian sports Center without alcohol. Offer a sports bar atmosphere without the secular sports bar traditions. We are looking to offer sports ministry to the youth, AA and NA meetings where when people come out of a meeting they can enjoy a ballgame or a game of pool or volleyball and many other events without the temptation of having to drink.

Live christian music and open mike night, live testimonies,  great lunch menu, soft drinks, Ice cream bar, Milkshakes, full coffee bar and tea bar classic old Slurpee. Basically a full fledged sports center where families  come together and bring unity in the family with good fun entertainment for the people that are not interested in drinking.

Thanks for your support. Looking forward to fulfilling all your sportswear attire.

God Bless,

Joel Ashford


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