Bible study

We had a great turn out for last nights new comers group at our home. We went over the importance to sharing our testimony. It’s a way to share where God has picked you up from and where He’s taking you!

We had around 25 people sharing some amazing stories. we had several new people as well as a new couple starting there new journey with Christ.

My wife Shana made a great pot of spaghetti. So after getting a spiritual nourishment we got our physical nourishment.

Blessing the Homeless This Morning

Big Love Ministry 6Big Love Ministry 4B.


It was a beautiful Sunday morning for B.I.G. Love Ministry.  Hundreds of homeless people who seem to have lost hope still came out to praise and worship the Lord.  Shana and myself were blessed to have listened to stories and personal testimonies and as they were sharing with us the Holy Spirit touched them and they teared up.  This led them to request prayer for not only their lives, but the lives of their family as well.

Not only were they blessed, but we were also blessed to have people so freely open up to us.  I always say one person at a time, one prayer at at time, and one soul at a time.